Smart Money Corporation, as an institution, defines itself through excellence. The expressive financial results presented by SMC are but a reflexion of the obsession with betterment and mastery in every level of this organization.

This pursuit of excellence was only possible through the work of unique people. This section shows the profile of the key people within our organization.

A little more of our history

During the training of the first traders for SMC, Vicktor Flagënhein came across an unforeseen issue. Despite the adequate understanding of technical and operational principles, many of the members couldn’t perform as expected when trading.

Realizing that the main problems in the process were psychological-emotional and discipline related factors, Vicktor Flagënhein created a separate group dubbed The Rabbit Hole (an allusion to Lewis Carroll’s work).

The Rabbit Hole’s main role is to give a structured support for its members to develop their upmost emotional competence and discipline. That not only maximizes their performance as traders but also in every aspect of their lives.

In this context, a handful stood out and Vicktor Flagënhein forged the elite team, denominated TR (Trading Room). The members of the TR were the starting point for SMC. Each of its integrants had more than 15.000 hours in individual training with master Flagënhein. In addition to mastering the trading techniques, the members of the TR were the direct responsible for the VF Automate project (read more).

Through this process of technical and emotional in-group learning was forged a true “team spirit” in SMC. We are a united group, and our coexistence transcends the limits of the workspace. Leisure trips, parties, or just the day-to-day living happen joyfully in the company of the members. We are more than a family with blood ties. Differently from such groups, related by a random genetic throw of the dice, we are a family by choice.

*All the names in this section are pseudonyms.


He is the mastermind, architect and leader of SMC. Not only the strategies for trading the financial market were fruit of his studies, his scientific-statistical test and his validation in real life; but the organization of the institution and the negotiations with partners have his direct or indirect handling.

To us, members of SMC, Vicktor is much more than a boss. He is our LEADER, a reference to be followed. Each and every one of us is grateful for the positive impact Vicktor Flagënhein has brought and bring to our lives, through his generosity and knowledge that transcend the financial market.


His alias was born not only due to the undeniable anatomic part, but much more to his intelligence and wits much above normal. Mr. BIG HEAD is one of Vicktor Flagënhein’s right arm and probably his most brilliant pupil.

Major in Business, with a focus in Business Process Management and certified Project Management professional, he is considered a genius in his field.

He was intimately linked to the whole process of the creation of SMC, in a technical and managerial capacity, accomplishing all his responsibilities with distinction. His middle name is Competence and he is one of the pillars of our organization.


One of the most dedicated and committed members of SMC. Present and hard since from our first steps.

Major in Engineering, he has a business in construction and real estate development.

Granpa is one of Vicktor Flagënhein’s most knowledgeable in financial market. Extremely competent and successful, he was key to all phases of the VF Automate. His house is a second home to the members of our organization.

Mr. MR

Extremely intelligent, analytical and competent, Mr. MR was irreplaceable in the making of the VF Automate, especially on the validation of the programming and results. He holds a major in Business and is certified in Project Management. On top of that he is the bookkeeper and head of the financial department of SMC.

His dedication and hard work are paramount in the solution of an array of managerial tasks,  always performed with top rate efficiency.


One of our most skillful traders. Key component in the validation of the programming and results of the VF Automate. He is committed in the highest level to our organization from the beginning.

He holds a major in Geology and has expertise in the oil business. He can work virtually in any market on the globe.

As a secondary assignment, manages SMC’s internal media.


A born leader, Mr. Little Giant is another right arm for Vicktor Flagënhein. He is one of the wisest and most brilliant pupils of the master. His intelligence, analytical eye and loyalty put him in the position of consigliere for Vicktor.

Very active in the making of the VF Automate, he is one of our most competent traders.

He is a lawyer specialized in administrative and commercial law, heading our legal department.


Major in computer science, he is considered to be a genius in programming and cryptography by his peers. He is one the most dedicated, disciplined, and competent traders in our group.

The project VF Automate wouldn’t be possible without his work. He wrote almost every line of the program.

His talents overreach the techno world. His is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, percussionist and singer, and has brightened our parties, trips and gatherings.


With a background on Economics, Mr. Beanra is our spokesman, our main negotiator with our partners around the world.

He is one of the most intelligent and versatile members. He is an expert in data mining and network engineering.

His unique style and nice approach made him one of the most popular member in SMC.

Dr. X Md

MD in gynecology and human physiology, is a skillful surgeon specialized in non-invasive procedures.

He practices top tier medicine and assists all the members of SMC.

He also figures as a key person in ours social events, being the lead singer and guitarist of our band.

He is editor in chief of the SMC. Almost all texts in this site were written by him.


Miss Sheriff is one of the pillars of our organization. Major in civil engineering and with an MBA in Business Planning and Management. She has worked in several financial institutions and banks. She controls all the infrastructure tasks of the organization with an iron hand, be it SMC or the Rabbit Hole.

She is Vicktor Flagënhein’s third right arm, and is in charge of the disciplinary measures and personnel management.

Loved by some and feared by all, miss Sheriff has grasped Vicktor’s teachings like no other.


Mr. Late Night holds a major in business and is a specialist in strategic planning. He has enormous experience in the financial field, managing important agribusiness portfolios and working as a manager in banks. A decent, wit and versatile person, he has a hand in various different areas in SMC, especially as a counselor in management. His experience and wisdom make him one of the most influential voices in helping Vicktor Flagënhein.

His extraordinary talent for music and as a multi-instrumentalist, in especial with the transverse flute, has brighten our band’s performance.

Together with his beloved wife, Miss Sheriff, he is one who really took Vicktor’s teachings to his life.


Major in computer science, Mr. Overseer came from the financial and banking field. A born leader, he takes the initiative and goes after many tasks, especially in the validation of the programming and results and in the disciplinary measures. His alias comes from his firm and austere way of exercising his leadership. He is considered the sheriff’s deputy in charge.

He was key to the creation of the TR and holds nothing back when the situation requires action. Although he resides 1.000 km from the SMC headquarters, he is always present at the important meetings of our institution.