Vicktor Flagënhein (a.k.a. Scalper)* – Biography

In the mid-sixties, the Flagënhein family welcomed its newest member: Vicktor. He was the youngest of seven brothers and sisters. The Flagënheins struggled to make ends meet.

Despite the obstacles, all Vicktor’s siblings achieved at least one college degree. Most of them have a master or a PhD degree. In this highly intellectualized family, Vicktor himself excelled. The quick-witted mind of the young child was so impressive that he was submitted to an IQ test at the age of 7. He scored 192, which puts him on the Top 4 highest IQs among living people. (read more)

What could have been an advantage to little Vicktor, brought him a challenging situation. He was put in classes with children two or more years older. And in order to survive the bullying a very aggressive side of him emerged. Violent attacks and homemade bombs were some of Vicktor’s mischiefs.

The disciplinary issues brought young Vicktor trouble at home as well. Mrs. Flagënhein was a strict lady, and she believed the only way to straighten her kid up was physical punishment. This extremely hostile environment took Vicktor to the limit, and at the age of 12 he decided to leave home all by himself.

After a few adventurous but harsh years, Vicktor came back and quickly finished school. At 19 he was a teacher of Accelerate Learning Techniques. At 20 he was a college teacher. He opened his first consulting company at 21. When he reached 22 he made his first million dollars. At 26 he became financially independent. During this time, Vicktor got a Ph.D. degree.

At 30, after an impressive intellectual and financial success, Vicktor turned his eyes to the financial market. In a few months of study, Vicktor started to discover patterns and he believed his findings would lead him to a lot of money! But when he submitted those patterns to rigorous statistic testing frustration chilled his initial excitement down.

But quitting was not an option for him. So he spent three long years working and studying almost nonstop. On average, he got three hours of sleep per day. One specific week he worked nonstop for 6 whole days and nights with his eyes peeled up. Hundreds of thousands of calculations, checking and double-checking, resulted in one of the most victorious strategies in the trade market.

As the results proved consistent he began to invest heavily in the market. At age 34 he made his first billion. In the year 2005 in one single month, he made 2 billion dollars, trading in the FOREX market (read more). In one single day, he won 1500 PIPs (read more).

In November 9, 2007, using his precise calculations, he sent a sell operation for the British Pound (GBP/USD) at the quote 2,11600. This was the highest quote this currency pair has ever got, since the FOREX opened to the general public.

After years of financial success, some of Vicktor’s friends asked him to teach them those techniques, a legacy that could change their lives. He generously agreed, and they started a study group.
At first, new students were allowed to join, invited by active members. This structure led to a very heterogeneous group. Not everybody had the skills and emotional balance to trade in the market. This caused a lot of problems.

Some greedy individuals, tempted by the amazing possibilities presented, started to act irresponsibly. One got to the point of selling his house and trading with this money, violating with one of Vicktor’s most important tenet: only trade with money you can afford to lose.

This sense of instability began to contaminate other members and Flagënhein decided to oust the troublemakers and work to improve the quality of the remaining group.

Under Vicktor’s close guidance, a new group of excellence was formed and a rigorous admission process granted the participation of only the finest people.

In this new and consolidated group, 6 individuals stood out. Five young computer geeks and one old engineer (affectionately called “Grandpa”) formed the elite team of the study group. As their friendship grown the idea of computerizing Vicktor’s strategies came up.

The elite group meetings took place at grandpa’s house. They worked in the same crazy rhythm as Vicktor himself once did. It took over 100,000 (a hundred thousand) work hours** and U$ 20,000,000.00 (twenty million dollars) of investment to finally give birth to the Automate: the most efficient trading robot on the market.

*Vicktor Flagënhein is a pseudonym

**the sum of work hours of all professionals involved in the Automate Project